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Actually, I can

share_temporyI saw this mug in Joann Fabrics when I stopped in to buy fabric to make my little Eva a pumpkin costume for Halloween.  

It was in the corral they make you walk through before you get to the registers.  It was nestled next to lots of other impulse purchase items.  Mod Podge, small inexpensive kid crafts, ribbon, you know, the Joann’s version candy bars and bubble gum.  

I knew what was happening.  Joann was trying to lure me in with that cute design and the price, $5, like exactly the highest amount I would ever consider paying for a mug.

I’ve fallen victim to impulse purchases before.  I mean, I have been to Target.  I see something and it looks so cute and I think of how it will be so amazing in my house and how I’ll feel so happy when I bring it home.  But you know how this story ends.  I bring said item home and immediately regret it because it’s not great quality, or it just doesn’t fit right or whatever.  

So, I was not going to be drawn in.  “I’m on to you Joann!  I’m not buying this mug.”

And I didn’t.  At first.  But then I went home and thought about it for a week.  I loved the colors and the pattern.  I imagined myself drinking my coffee in the morning, reading the mug and getting all the inspiration I needed to kick the day’s butt.  “Actually, I can.”  I mean, how great is that?  I can kick today’s butt.  And I will!

So I went back and bought it.  I brought it home, washed it and made myself a cup a coffee at 3 in the afternoon.  Because, “Actually, I can.”  I felt invigorated immediately.  

Except….it’s like a really big mug.  Like, it’s so big it’s kind of too big to hold with just one hand.  But, I refuse to admit this was one of those impulse buys; how can it be, I waited a week before I bought it!  I’ll just hold it with two hands.  Yes, it will warm my hands up on chilly, fall mornings.  Perfect.

Except…I mean, it’s really big.  When I pour a normal amount of coffee into the mug it barely passes the halfway mark.  So, it literally takes forever for the coffee to get to my mouth.  Ugh!  I don’t know, maybe this was an impulse buy.  

No!  I refuse to admit it.  

So, I’ve been forcing myself to use this ginormous mug and pretend like I really enjoy it.  

And I do, a little.  I still love the saying, “Actually, I can.”  As in “Actually, I can” walk past impulse items without buying them from now on.

I’ll remember this saying next time I go to Joann’s and see those cute little sparkly pumpkins for wait, what? 50% off?  At first I’ll think, I just can’t leave here without those extremely fragile, glitter shedding pumpkins.   I just can’t!  Then I’ll remember that “Actually, I can.”

So you see, that will make this mug not an impulse purchase.  Because I’ll remember the motto.  It will have all been worthwhile.  All thanks to my mug.  I will have learned my lesson about the “dollar” bins at Target and the cattle shoot Joann forces me to walk through to get to the registers.  

Unless I buy the sparkly pumpkins.  Which I might.  I’ll wait a week or so to see if I still want them.